Wearable Device Study Terms and Conditions & Consent

Thank you for volunteering to participate in the wearable device study with Munich Re.

Time Frame data and provider:

Study Topic:                 Wearable Device and Population Health Analytics Baseline Study

Study Leaders:            Rob Cabral, VP Services – Big Cloud Analytics, Inc.

                                       Dre Goheen, Director of Accounts – Big Cloud Analytics, Inc.

Duration:                      Preparation:            11 Apr 2016 – 13 May 2016

                                       Testing Devices:      16 May 2016 – 30 Jun 2016

                                       Results Analysis:     27 Jun 2016 – 08 July 2016

                                      Note: We will make sure to inform you if this schedule changes.

This study acts as a showcase specially setup for the participants of the Conference Day on Digitalization in order to show the potential of wearable devices and advanced population health analytics for insurance services. Big Cloud Analytics Inc., (“BCA”), will be working with Munich Re on this study. 

The trial will commence when devices are allocated to participants, which is expected to be during the three weeks beginning 16 May 2016. Data collection from the devices will last until the end of the conference day.

The data will be collected using a “double-blind” methodology and your personally identifiable information (e.g. name, email address) will not be associated with the data.   The “double-blind” methodology means participants will be provided with anonymized login details so that no one will know which device you are wearing. To maintain anonymity, you should not disclose your login details to anyone else.

Data collected will only be used for the purposes of understanding the use of wearable data in insurance and population health. The data will be maintained in an anonymous form by BCA for a period of 12 months in a raw format and will then be summarized into daily aggregate values, following which the raw data will be destroyed. Munich Re only receives anonymous and aggregated data and analysis on a portfolio level.

It is important to the success of this study that you take time to understand and fully use the wearable device. It is important for the success of the evaluation that you do not pass on the wearable device to third parties. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. After training, the best way to have questions answered is to email us at:




Data collected through my wearable device(s) will be sent directly to the respective manufacturer (BASIS SCIENCE, Inc.) of that device you are wearing before BCA is able to collect the data for analysis. I am authorizing the device manufacturer to share data collected by my device(s) with BCA, for use in the Study.

Collected data will be treated confidentially by Big Cloud Analytics, Inc. and the raw data will not be used for any other purpose without my prior written consent. Please review BCA’s Privacy Policy at www.bigcloudanalytics.com/pages/privacy-policy

The wearable devices used in this Study are provided by the device manufacturers (BASIS SCIENCE, Inc.). Their terms and conditions cover the functionality of the device itself and their device application.

Disclaimer: Neither Munich Re nor BCA take responsibility for any current activity or activities take up, whether or not done in connection with the Study. You should always obtain professional advice, including medical advice, about any exercise or sport you undertake, particularly if you have special needs or known health conditions. Further, the information provided by BCA’s Health Analytics Portal is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any medical condition or disease. User of wearable devices should consult their physicians with any concerns.

Because your participation is voluntary, we request that you accept the consent language by selecting the appropriate boxes and click on the submit button at the bottom of the form.



The following data are collected by the wearable device and used for evaluation.

Steps, Running, Cycling, Sleep metrics, body temperature, heart rate and perspiration levels.

I have voluntarily agreed to participate in the study during the dates indicated above (including any revisions of those dates) and I understand that I can withdraw at any time via the portal at http://MunichRe.bigcloudanalytics.com by visiting the “My Profile” section of the portal and returning the device(s) provided to you to your local coordinator. I confirm that I have read the FAQ document and that I have had the opportunity to ask questions and understand how the study will proceed. I hereby grant BCA and Munich Re the right to use all data generated by the Wearable Device(s) for the evaluation of the results of the study. I understand the data will be treated confidentially by BCA and Munich Re. I understand that my personal data (only contact information) I provide to BCA to allow them to access my wearable device(s) will not be associated with any of the data from that device at any time. I understand that Munich Re will only receive anonymized and aggregated data.

I acknowledge that should I decide to participate in the competitions carried out during the wearable study, (i) prize winners may be inadvertently identified with the data collected from their devices, although robust procedures have been put in place to avoid this happening.

I authorize the manufacturer of my wearable device(s) to share data collected by my device(s) with BCA, solely for use in the Study.

As part of agreeing to participate in the Study I agree that under no circumstances Munich Re (including any of its related bodies corporate), your device manufacturers, or BCA will be liable for any injury, loss, damages or claim or expenses you sustain or incur as a direct or indirect result of participating in the Study.

I understand that a minimum number of participants is required to conduct this study. In case this minimum number is not reached, I will be informed that is not going to be conducted.

Additional Consent for Participants located in the EU:

To the extent that anonymous data generated from the device together with any other data I choose to provide may constitute Personal Data (including Sensitive Personal Data) for the purposes of Data Protection Legislation in my jurisdiction. I hereby consent to this data being processed by BCA and Munich Re and if necessary being transferred outside of the EEA.