Emerging Industries

Big Cloud Analytics is developing COVALENCE™ Analytics Platforms for emerging industries that benefit from IoT analytics and harnessing the power of data. As with all of the COVALENCE solutions, these platforms will use the power of Intel© and Big Cloud Analytics to transform data into profitable decisions and ultimately provide users with a superior experience designed specifically for them. We are currently working on solutions for the Financial Services market and Wind Energy. Yours could be next.

Financial Services

Our COVALENCE™ Analytics Platform can be designed for a variety of financial services industries. Specifically, our solutions can benefit the chief product actuaries and chief data officers of life and health insurance companies that are looking to better understand their customers’ lifestyles. By capturing so much personalized data with wearable devices, these companies not only can empower their customers to live healthier lives, but also can offer discounts for healthy choices and better stratify risk.

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Wind Energy

Our COVALENCE™ Analytics Platform can be designed specifically for the Wind Energy industry. As we move to more alternative energies rises, such as wind, we must harness the sensor-generated data that wind turbines produce. Our solutions combine historical and forecast weather data with real-time sensor data from wind turbines to create smart generation strategies for alternative energy at a hyper local level.

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