Covalence Health Analytics Platform



This state-of-the-art customer intelligence technology platform uses wearable devices and real-time analytics to help improve the wellness of your patients, insured or employee populations. You can reduce insurance costs, assess your aged care programs, detect fraudulent claims and improve your bottom line.

 The COVALENCE™ Health Analytics Platform:

  • Supports the majority of wearable devices in market today
  • Manages the on-boarding of new users through a simple, wizard-like interface
  • Collects millions of data points from thousands of deployed wearable devices that capture 50+ biometric data points
  • Computes advanced population health management analytics, scores and coefficients
  • Manages population’s wellness
  • Groups cohorts by sleep, activity level and resting heart rate
  • Alerts and triggers for conditions such as device abandonment, elevated resting heart rate and others
  • Displays dynamic overlays of self-reported information: age, marital status, tobacco and alcohol use
  • Guides users to better health with event-triggered messaging
  • Uses the power of Intel© and Big Cloud Analytics to transform data into improved wellness and claims outcomes

COVALENCE™ Health 360 Scores

Bio Identity Wellbeing Gender Mental Health
Activity vs. Weather Sleep vs. Temperature Perception vs. Reality Time vs. Sleep Cycle

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