Big Cloud CEO Keynotes the SIR Conference & Exhibit Fair

Big Cloud Analytics CEO, J. Patrick Bewley will give the Keynote Address to open The Society of Insurance Research's 44th Annual Conference, held at the JW Marriott in Indianapolis, IN November 2-5, 2014. 

JP will discuss The Science of Customer Engagement Analytics Across the Lifecycle. Customer contributions to an organization's profitability occur through direct engagement purchases and indirectly through their non-purchase actions --- referrals, influencing their social networks, and providing feedback about products and services. Identifying the right set of customers who create direct and indirect value is critical to maximizing profits. This session will discuss the framework of Customer Engagement and how Big Cloud Analytics has developed a methodology that consists of six (6) monetary metrics and one (1) attitudinal metric. Utilizing these metrics in a coordinated engagement framework provides an understanding of the customer and his/her impact on future profitability.

Customer engagement, the central theme of this conference, is not just about marketing or the point of sale. It touches every aspect of an insurance carrier's operations, from recruiting the right talent; to providing products & pricing that will attract & retain the highest value customers; to delivering world class claims handling & customer service. And excellence in each of those areas depends on research --- into customer behavior, intocompetitors' actions & strategies, and into the carrier's own data.

Mr. Bewley will also close the event with a seat on the The Experts on Key Conference Takeaways panel where expert panelists, speakers, and moderators drawn from the entire program will come together in one final, rapid-fire wrap-up session to present their take the on the key points you need to remember and the action items you need to pursue.  This session will not only drive home highlights from sessions you attended but also round out your experience by filling the unfortunate gaps that arise as a result of having to choose between compelling concurrent sessions. 

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