Big Cloud Analytics’ proprietary COVALANCE™ modeling approach offers the convenience of cloud-based, elastic computational power at your fingertips. By combining 60 COVALENCE models with a real-time prediction engine delivered as a Cloud-based transaction or embedded appliance, you can process robust, sophisticated, real-time predictive analytics on your computer, tablet or smart phone with security and data privacy protection, and full account control.

  • 256-bit SSL military grade encryption and customer data protection, with ability to “anonymize” customer data
  • Process real-time, automated batch or manual batch scoring requests in the cloud
  • Accurately calculate forward-looking scores for:
    • Customer Lifetime Value
    • Next Logical Product
    • In Market Timing
    • Brand Affinity Impact
    • Attrition Risk/CLV Based Attrition Prevention
    • Multi-Channel Shopping
    • Optimal Marketing Spend
    • Price Sensitivity
    • Acquiring Profitable Customers

Easy access and control of major aspects of your customer intelligence program in a single screen:

  • See key customer base metrics
  • See real-time customer intelligence scoring
  • Review, suspend or resume real-time or automated batch campaigns
  • Quickly process manual scoring

Ability to manage real-time automated or manual batch scoring requests:

  • Control key aspects of scoring campaigns
  • Access current and historical scoring requests
  • View, download or delete previous jobs
  • Pause, re-prioritize or suspend current batch scoring in process

Understand what will happen with your customers (B2C) or contractual relationships (B2B) at a glance:

  • Predictive analytics instead of historical reporting
  • Where your greatest potential lies
  • Easily identify risks as well as key attributes driving success

Easily manage model attributes, sensitivity adjustments and 'what if' analysis:

  • Hide or make visible model sensitivity profiles
  • View real-time weighting profile performance vs. BCA standard profiles
  • Turn on or off community learning capabilities at he model level

Easily manage full administration control allowing you to view, add, edit or delete at your fingertips:

  • See which active real-time or automated batch campaign are tied to active users
  • Tailor access to the needs of stakeholders
  • Delegate budget authority at the hourly, daily and/or monthly frequency by user role
  • Assign, edit or remove budget by user or user group
  • Configure standard or 3rd party data input sources and output destinations