With more than a decade of work and over fifty (50) major publications, we have lead the way in developing and using Customer Lifetime Value. Our learnings over the last 10 years have lead to the development of analytics and strategies shown in the Wheel of Fortune Strategy® image below. This strategy has driven billions in ROI for marketers around the world. The Wheel of Fortune Strategy® identifies the broadest and best set of analytics and strategies to optimize CLV marketing available in the market place today.

Wheel of Fortune Strategy® for CLV

Source: V. Kumar (2008). Managing Customers for Profit.” Wharton School Publishing

CLV is the fundamental forward-looking analytics, under the Consumer Engagement Value Framework, because it measures the direct contribution a customer makes to company profitability. CLV modeling provides marketers the understanding of future long term value of any specific customer, and assists in adopting the right marketing activities today, to increase profitability tomorrow. CLV enables marketers to understand how to treat individual customers differently based on their contribution to the company. Equally, CLV creates value for customers, obtaining better products and services that are specifically associated with their needs. As shown above, CLV evaluates all aspects of the customer lifecycle and strategies to maximize profitability and customer satisfaction and loyalty throughout a customer’s life time with the company. As noted above, CLV analytics determine the net present value of the monetary contribution of profits associated with a customer’s future purchases.

Customer Lifetime Value

BCA can help you:

  • Identification of your best customers
  • Managing the balance of loyalty and profitability
  • Determining how to present the right product at the right time to the right customers
  • Prevent Attrition
  • Encourage multi-channel interaction
  • Link value of brand to customer profitability
  • Acquisition marketing based on profitable customer evaluation