We have pioneered the science of Customer Engagement Value® and have spend over two and a half decades as global thought leaders and practitioners innovating and implementing the world’s most sophisticated data driven marketing ecosystems, delivering over $6+ Billion (and counting) in ROI for our clients.

Our strategy and modeling framework evolved from more than 50 scholarly publications and work with more than 300 widely recognized brands worldwide.

This framework is the first of its kinds and is the basis for our current day Customer Engagement Value® methodology for engaging customers profitably in a business-to-consumer and business-to-business settings. This methodology powers BCA to enable its Clients to engage customers in the most profitable way possible.

Customer Engagement Value Framework

Source: V. Kumar “Valuing Profitable Customer Engagement: Concept, Metrics and Strategies,” Sage Publishing

Customer contributions to firm’s profitability occurs through direct engagement purchases - and indirectly through their non-purchase actions – referrals, influencing their social networks, and providing feedback about products and services. Identifying the right set of customers who create direct and indirect value is critical to maximizing profits. Our Customer Engagement Value® Framework consists of six (6) monetary metrics and one (1) attitudinal metric. Utilizing these metrics in a coordinated engagement framework provides an understanding of the customer and his/her impact on future profitability.

Customer Engagement Value Framework

A managed set of monetary metrics measuring the value (profitability) provided to customers by companies, through their:

  • Purchase transactions through multiple channels
  • Ability to refer other customers
  • Power to positively influence other customers about a company’s offerings
  • Knowledge and feedback to the company about its products/service offerings
  • And attitudinal metrics that measure the value customers attached to a brand based on customer engagement and acquisition activities that a company utilizes