Big Cloud Analytics

COVALENCE™ Analytics for the Internet of Things

Transforming Your Data Streams Into Profitable Decisions
in Healthcare, Retail and Other Emerging Industries

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COVALENCE™ – Health Analytics Platform

Improve Wellness and Your Bottom Line

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Big Cloud Analytics is led by a team with 25 years of experience in predictive analytics and behavioral science. Our Chief Data Scientist is a Google Research Award winner, has written six books and has published 200+ papers on marketing science—including eight in the Harvard Business Review. Our solutions are powered by the world’s most acclaimed science, and we use data and math to drive engagement better than anyone else in the world.

COVALENCE™ Retail Analytics Platform

Calculate Customer Lifetime Value and Enhance In-Store Experience

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What makes the Big Cloud Analytics solutions so powerful? COVALENCE™, a patent pending customer intelligence engine that fuses highly effective analytics equations with industry specific knowledge of customer and patient behavior. It works in real-time and analyzes millions of data points in milliseconds to accurately predict customer and patient behavior and transform your data into profitable decisions.